In TwinOne I have two types of cameras.

The free camera is the default camera that allows us to move around the scene freely, however there are also four other service cameras that will help us with the viewing our asset.

The cameras can be recalled by clicking on the menu on the left or can be recalled by using the keyboard shortcuts Z X C and V.

The free camera can be recalled by using the shortcut B.

In the event that we have problems with the frame, we lose sight of our asset or we move out of the frame, with the F key we can return to the original position of the camera.

In the left menu or with the G key we have the possibility to activate grids.

We can select 4 different types of grids: a simple two by two, the rule of thirds, a crosshair and a rabatment.

While the service cameras are fixed cameras and we can only move forward and backward along their axis, the free camera is free in all its movements.

To move around the scene, we need to hold down the right button of our mouse and use the W A S D keys on our keyboard.

With the E and Q keys we can move up and down.

With the arrows on the keyboard we can increase or decrease the speed of the camera.

In the composition menu I can change the individual parameters of my free camera.

As we can see, If I click on any service camera it will not be possible to interact with the panel.

A very important feature is the picture canvas.

The picture canvas can be recalled in the left menu or with the L key and it allows us to select the sensor format of our camera.

Once I’ve chosen my picture canvas I can move on to the apertures, lenses and focus settings.

These settings work like a real camera.

After selecting my camera settings and my picture canvas, I can check the shot in its entirety.

In the left menu I can find the cinematic mode panel, which can also be recalled with the F10 key. This will hide the entire UI.

Having checked my shot in cinematic mode, I can re-enable my UI and correct some settings to better accentuate the effect I want to obtain.

When I’m happy with my shot I can export my image.

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