The collection menu allows us to save different SKUs of our asset, therefore it allows us to save within it all the combinations of materials.

From here we can start by clicking the create collection button.

After clicking on it we will be asked to select the name of our collection.

Once my collection is created, a small folder will be generated. I can collapse or enlarge it. I can also erase it by clicking on the 3 dots on the right.

I can rename it whenever I want.

To save a collection, just press the ADD SKU button, this will snap the current configuration of the model.

To start creating my SKUs, I’m going to assign some materials to my asset.

Once I have created my SKUs, I can recall them and view them in the scene at any time, simply by double clicking on the SKUs.

The camera position doesn’t change when the SKUs are recalled.

If I create a new SKU and try to change assets in the scene, I will be asked if I want to save the instance of this asset, I will say yes and I will find them in the collection panel.

I can recall the asset whenever I want.

I can create all the collections I desire.

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