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Licence and pricing

Yes it is. No credit card needed to try our software. You just need to follow instructions to register. You tell us who you are and accept our general terms. After your email validation we will send you the instructions to download TwinOne on your PC and your personal login details to use it. If you like TwinOne and you want to become our customer we will ask you to add your payment details to your account before the end of the trial period.

You can cancel anytime. During your trial period you have no obligations. If you will activate a self-service plan after the trial period, you will be able to cancel your subscription from your account management panel. Cancellation will interrupt the automatic renewal of your subscription. Your account will remain active until expire date.

Upon registration, following your email validation, you will receive instructions to download TwinOne from our servers directly to your PC.  You will also find the download link in your account page.

TwinOne is exclusively for Windows PC to date. Minimum system requirements are Windows 10 with a 2.5GHz Quadcore CPU, 8GB RAM and a directx 11 compatible GPU. You can find recommended and optimal system requirements here.

Yes you can change plan or billing frequency from your “manage subscription” link in your account management page. You need to follow instructions to edit your subscription.

After the free trial period, our single-user plans are available exclusively online on a self-service basis and must be prepaid with a credit card. Our payment processing is managed through Stripe.

A business subscription is aimed at multi-user customers as SMEs, agencies and business in general. The product features are the same of the Pro plan but it benefits of personalized onboarding and dedicated customer services. An enterprise plan requires a custom quote that will specify pricing, duration and payment terms. For further information please contact us.

We want to make TwinOne easily accessible to educators and professional students. We offer special discounts and agreements to schools, academies and universities. If you are a student you can refer us to your faculty. For further information please visit the student page.

To date TwinOne imports exclusively FBX format 3D shapes. Please refer to our How it works and Video tutorials sections of our website for more information.

You cannot modify in the tool the 3D mesh of the objects that you import in TwinOne but you easily design and edit in real time the materials you apply to your shape, creating unlimited configurations of your objects.

TwinOne SEE Asset Recommendation

To get into TwinOne you don’t need to modify your assets. Generally any asset, modeled according to traditional 3D world rules, will work correctly. To resolve any doubts here is a quick list of the main things to check:

  • Poly count we can handle: Mid to High polycount (500k average, complex models can go up to 1M) .Poly count affects import and open project times, lower the polycount shorter the loading times.
  • Use a “quads” topology with regular flow and distribution, this improves material and lighting rendering. Manual retopology is not necessary (automatic remesh is usually fine).
  • Always maintain a clean geometry (no: inverted normals – nonmanifolds – holes – laminafaces – ngons – zero map area – etc).
  • When necessary remember to give a “thickness” to your models.
  • We recommend modeling your assets in “real-size” and exporting them in centimeters.
  • We recommend that you combine the parts of your model according to the materials you are going to use. During the import step we read the individual meshes and the slot ids applied to them.
  • Remember to Weight your asset Normals correctly. Usually, for mid to high poly assets  it is enough for normals to be set to “soft”.
  • Set the pivot of your models to the center/base of the object, and place the asset at the origin of the world.
  • Make the UVs of the model according to the placement of your artwork. We suggest keeping them in the scale of one meter (1u=1cm) and place the center of the UV island at the coordinates (0.5-0.5).
  • Apply the modifiers, freeze the transformation and delete the history of your model before exporting.
  • Export your model in .fbx format, with z-up orientation.

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