Import from Maya

The TwinOne software is able to import FBX 3D models.

The software will be able to read if the meshes are composed of separate pieces or single pieces with different IDs or a combination of the two.

The unit of measurement of TwinOne is in centimetres and the orientation axis is Z up.

Consequently, when we export our model from a host of our 3D modelling software we should make sure that the scale is in centimetres and the orientation in Z up.

This is not entirely fundamental as it is possible within the software to change scale, rotation and position. However, preparing the assets correctly, allows us to insert the models in a more fluid and simple way.

It is also advisable to always have the pivot of our asset at the base of the object and at the origin of the world so that the rotation function and the asset configuration within the software is easier to use.

Let’s make our quick changes by deleting the entire history of our asset and all the coordinates.

In case I find myself with multiple assets that have multiple single meshes, I can create a group to be sure that the coordinates are completely new and the pivot is at the center of the world.

Once this is done I can export my asset.

Once I have exported my asset I can go into the TwinOne software.

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