Installation Guide

If you have any trouble installing or uninstalling TwinOne check the guides below.

01 – Launch the setup file, read and accept the Terms & Conditions, then press next

02 – Select the installation directory [by default it is “C:\Program Files (x86)\TwinOne”], then press next

03 – Select the additional components you want to install.
If you don’t know what to do you can leave them all on. In case they are already on your pc they will be updated.
Then press next

04 – Choose whether or not to create shortcuts on the desktop and program menu, then press next

05 – You will now receive a summary of all the options you have chosen, when you are ready click “Install”

06 – Wait for TwinOne and its components to be installed, depending on your machine this may take a few minutes

07 – Once the installation is complete you can click “Finish”.
If the installer asks you to restart your machine we recommend that you do so

01 – To uninstall the application go to the program list, select TwinOne, and click uninstall. Alternatively, you can run the file “unins000.exe” directly from the program installation folder

02 – Confirm the software removal by pressing “Yes” or cancel the process by pressing “No”

03 – Wait for the software to be removed

04 – The software has been successfully removed from the system, click “OK” to finish the uninstallation procedure

DISCLAIMER: The projects folder […\Documents\TwinOne_Projects] is not deleted in the uninstall process. If you want to delete your projects you have to do it manually