In the left panel we will find the lights icon.

Each light set can be recalled by the library via the light preset category.

Once we have selected our starting light preset we can go and modify it to our liking.

The first option we have is the Z rotation. This panel will allow you to rotate the whole light set around your object.

The height slider will allow you to physically raise your set of lights in case you have to work with vertical assets.

The scale option will widen or bring all the lights closer. This option is very useful when importing large items. Be aware that the scale option changes the intensity of the lights and by moving the light source away, your asset will become darker.

Depending on the light preset you loaded you may find yourself with different light options.

Some presets are simpler and only come with three lights, while other light presets go as high as 5.

Each preset will always have a sunlight and then additionally will have other single lights.

The lights panel is always the same except for the sunlight which has some minor options compared to the single lights.

The first button will allow you to turn the sunlight on and off. You have the ability to manage its intensity and color. You can then manage the rotation in its various axes.

The single lights behave in the same way you can choose to turn them on or off, manage their intensity and increase their size.

This will allow you to make the highlights sharper or softer.

You can then decide to change the color individually.

This is repeatable for every single light present in the light preset.

Once you have created a light preset you can save it using the create light preset button so that you can recall it whenever you want from your library.

You can then try it on other assets or you can go back to your starting light presets.

You can delete it by pressing the trashcan icon.

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