Bacon Winter Collection 2021

Bacon Winter Collection 2021

Bacon Winter Collection 2021

From concept to market leveraging Digital Twins.

TwinOne’s team has worked along with the creative director of the maison Bacon, Roberto Lonoce, acknowledging his style research, digitising his inspirations and the fabrics chosen to develop the collection. The team simultaneously coordinated the digital pattern designers in the making of the 3d/virtual puffers and the tech artists department in the creation of five virtual humans and development of simulations. The outcome of this collaboration is BACON’S VERSION, not only a cutting-edge virtual collection, but a real path of sustainability and production intelligence enabled by our research on real-time computer graphics technology.” (Mauro Mastronicola – TwinOne founder)


Commissioned by Bacon Clothing, a down jackets brand founded by Andrea Pilato Barrara, TwinOne has created Bacon’s Version, a project born in summer 2020 after a meeting with the maison’s entrepreneur and its designer Roberto Lonoce. Moved by the desire to accompany the brand on its path towards sustainable innovation, TwinOne triggered a virtuous process in which their ground-breaking technology, built with the power of Epic Games’ real-time 3D game tool Unreal Engine, became a medium to give life to the Bacon Winter Collection 2021, combining creativity, style, digitisation, economic and environmental sustainability.

Prototyping: a sustainable path 

Starting from hand-drawn sketches and paper patterns, the Digital Fashion Design team at TwinOne took care of the entire digitisation process, recreating the puffer shapes and each surface and texture (designed by our shader artists, or scanned from the original item), and finally developed a collection of almost 60 virtual SKU’s, which complement a small number of physical prototypes with the aim to significantly expand Bacon’s proposition for its clients. This virtual prototyping phase allowed the brand to cut costs, avoid extended amounts of time in a new sustainable framework, reducing wastes, and skipping the unconditional use of fabric and hardware traditionally involved in this step of the process.

Visual content: create one, replicate many

Thanks to the most genuine 3D quality and definition of the virtual twins, and a real-time CG technology that facilitates “virtual shooting” and leverages the potential of Unreal Engine , TwinOne has been able to generate a global, end-to-end communication journey providing the brand infinite tools and contents: the creation of a printed catalog for the sales campaign; campaign visuals; stills and video contents for digital marketing; hundreds of angles to spread on social channels and finally a virtual fashion show, that has been presented in February 2021 on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, bringing the Bacon Clothing brand for the first time on the catwalk. It is essential to say that none of this would have been possible with an off-line CG pipeline, in the timeframe available or without significant and redundant investment by the client.

Goal: maximum intelligence of production

TwinOne’s method has guaranteed enormous cost/time savings in terms of production, assembling, stitching, dyeing, as well as relevant reduction of budgets allocated to shootings, post- production and all logistic services usually implied in each operation, allowing the brand to design more quickly and remotely during the pandemic lockdowns, and producing a myriad of contents for online & offline channels. This is Bacon’s Version, an innovative process that has led the maison to get minimum environmental impact with maximum intelligence of production.

About TwinOne

TwinOne, is a tech company that brings to the fashion market a revolutionary solution in the field of image creation. Thanks to more than two years of R&D on real-time photorealistic 3D (technology coming from the gaming industry), TwinOne has become the first company in the world to have developed a technique that creates hyper-realistic digital twins of any kind of product and a revolutionary software system based on the core of Unreal Engine that generates virtual images with photographic quality, with which designers, creatives, photographers and filmmakers are able to interact and edit in real time at the speed of their creative flow. 

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

One asset for multiple channels

“Today consumers’ touchpoints are multiplied and need seamless content coverage, rapid refresh, personalization and immersive engagements. Brands are more and more focusing on sustainability, even if they only focus on the “sustainability of the product” and not developing sustainable processes. Traditional content production processes are channel driven, not scalable and not sustainable”.

TWINONE is the first company in the world to have developed a technique to create hyper realistic digital twins and a revolutionary software system to generate virtual images of every kind of product, completely real time, flexible, inexhaustible, scalable, sustainable. enabling instant creativity.

TWINONE is a process that can be applied from the styling/prototyping to the marketing and advertising phase, offering optimization of time, cost and waste, along the whole product chain.  The digital twins coming out from the process represent the ultimate cost/time saving tool viable for any company division, from the style office to the communication, wholesale, retail and e-commerce departments. Thanks to this method and technology, TwinOne enables brands to create virtual, totally photorealistic and inexhaustible reproductions for any required use. Thanks to a single, multi-platform software system and a sustainable process, TwinOne delivers unlimited multichannel contents with almost no impact on the environment.

Shooting Tool

Tabletop Shooting Tool

Tabletop Shooting Tool

From “X” to “X” hundreds of renders per day

With our Tabletop Shooting solution it only takes a few clicks to generate thousands of images and videos for a product, or a range of products, with the highest quality and most authentic definition.

Our Tabletop Shooting is the ultimate professional tech tool that automates the process of CGI shootings and visual content production. A unique, scalable and customized solution that speeds up the workflow and allows our clients to generate from “X” hundreds to “X” thousands renders per day, with photorealistic quality, zero rendering time and wasting nothing but data. TwinOne leverages their proprietary real-time 3D solution and CGI expertise to bring on the market an easy-to-use tool which automates each and every pipeline, enables efficiency and scalability in a multichannel content production scenario.

After choosing a product from the catalogue, customers can add, change elements and visualize their products, placing them in a neutral or realistic scene, and exporting digital stills, videos and animations,  high quality prints for e-commerce, ADV campaigns and sales catalogues, carrying the feelings and emotions usually expected by the customers into each and every image.

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Develop a capsule collection in 5 weeks

“What TwinOne has realized on the occasion of its launch at the White Show in Milan during the 2020 Female Fashion Week, is a simulation of the entire process of creation of a capsule collection of an iconic fashion accessory, the Louis Vuitton Keepall duffle.
Working alongside a creative director of a fashion firm, the aim of the simulation was demonstrating how TwinOne technology and its application can replace the traditional process with a totally virtual one, showing significant benefits.”


TWINONE is a flexible process of visual digitization and instant duplication, designed to support companies and brands across multiple business functions and in the resulting optimization of direct to consumer operations. It’s a high-speed device that allows you to reproduce in real time any product-image (digital twin), in large or small scale, from an initial template through limitless iterations. Its sphere of action ranges from supporting and boosting the creative streams during the product design phase to the definition and replication of any visual including still-life shots, backdropped pictures, or 3D renderings for e-commerce.


Beginning with a selected product, the TWINONE team will be able to digitize it in a virtual and realistic twin which is then imported into the software to create all desired and possible renderings of the original template, on all levels: interactive, static or in motion. The creative process happens instantly and applies easily to any product category. You can mix, combine and assemble a wide variety of textures, colors, patterns, prints. Even the most sophisticated embroideries and 3D bejeweled decorations springing from the minds of designers and creative teams.


TWINONE represents a disruptive solution for the entire ecosystem. Fair digitization, responsible design and environmental respect are at the heart of this unique process that helps you to rethink and reorganize your current business models. The instant digital process allows one to avoid:
• Extended amounts of time usually dedicated to research, creative stream and product prototyping;
• Unconditional use of fabric, leather and hardware traditionally involved in current practices;
• Costs of production, assembling, stitching, dyeing and quality control;
• Costs and scheduling of product shootings, including post-production;
• Waste of electricity, water and paper related to the above mentioned operations;
• Costs of transportation and logistics related to the above mentioned operations.


TWINONE brings on the market a real-time 3D technology enabling a high value- creation and revenue-growth impact. The digital twins resulting from the process represent the ultimate cost/time saving tool for any company division, from the style office to the communication, wholesale, retail and e-commerce departments. Thanks to this method and technology, Twin One will help you to create virtual, totally photorealistic and inexhaustible reproductions for any required use. A single, multi-platform and sustainable process that delivers unlimited multichannel content.

Approximate Timeline

• Week 1 – Style research, trend analysis and creative concept;
• Week 2/3 – Product digitization including a sample quantity of 40 materials, patterns, prints, embroideries and bejeweled details;
• Week 4 – Design process and collection creation;
• Week 5 – Production of collection visuals.


• Creative and design offices: creation, experimentation and rendering.
• E-commerce: output of product images for online sale, in high definition, still life or with a 3D perspective, plain or with a backdrop, interactive for web, for Virtual and Augmented Reality.
• Retail & Wholesale: creation of sales catalogues, and line lists with all color, material and pattern skews requested, for digital media or high-quality prints.
• Press & PR: catalogues, print advertising campaigns and billboards, videos, newsletters.
• Digital communication: use of the twin images on websites, digital platforms, apps and social media; use of the 3D twin for interactive configurators, Augmented Reality visualizations, or Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Tik Tok filters.
• Showroom, In-store and Events: engaging and responsive 3D animations for touch displays,  gaming and immersive entertainment.

Target Industries 

• Apparel & Fashion
• Architecture, Furniture Design and Home-goods • Jewelry & Watches
• Beauty & Cosmetics
• Consumer electronics
• Motors and Transportation
• Advertising, communication and digital agencies • Business consulting companies
• TV & Cinema