If this is the first time opening the software we are going to have to create a new project.

To create a new project, click on the new project button.

By default the projects folder will be selected, here I have the option to choose any directory where I want to save my project.

I can save my project on my desktop, my documents folder, in C or I can save it on a remote server.

I will create my project inside the TwinOne software installation directory, I will then click the projects folder and click “select folder”.

This will create a subfolder within my projects folder containing all my saved files and the meshes and textures I imported.

Once my new project has been created, I will find myself in the software viewport and a save will automatically be created.

To save my project from the menu on the top left I can click on SAVE, SAVE AS or incremental save.

I can however use the keyboard shortcuts Control S, Control + ALT + S or Control Shift S or if I want to incremental save, I can directly click the icon at the bottom left.

To open a different project, I can click the menu on the top left and click on OPEN.

When you open a project you can easily select the file you want to open thanks to the snapshot preview.

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