TwinOne participates at Pitti Immagine 14/17 June 2022

TwinOne participates in Pitti Immagine 14/17 June 2022 as part of the Unicredit StartUp Lab Together 4 Digital initiative, to present the TwinOne SEE software to the public of Pitti Immagine, a solution that allows professionals in the creative sector to visually express their ideas and to modify them in real time with hyper-realistic quality. It is a software suitable for product design but also a powerful storytelling tool and it is easy to use because it is “designer & artist oriented”.

By importing a 3D Digital Twin of any product, TwinOne SEE allows you to design new materials in real time, create infinite product collections, create immersive 3D presentations and produce indistinguishable images from 360 ° photo and video shots with zero rendering times .

Thanks to its experience, TwinOne is able to provide training and consulting services to companies that are about to start their digital transformation or that want to improve their current processes.